About me

Hi guys,

My name is Joke, 31 years old. I live in Aarschot, Belgium.

I have a job as administrative assistant (or something like that). In my spare time, I like to color (the images for adults 🙂 ), to do photography, go to a concert and to play games.


At 18, back in 2005, I had taken testings for autism. I felt it correctly, I was diagnosed with the syndrome of Aspergers.  I was born at 6 months pregnancy, I suffered lack of oxygen, that’s why I have hemiplegia on the left side of my body. This means I can walk without a weelchair, but my balance and strenght are less than average.  My arm and hand are good for the gross motor skills, like holding things, but fine motor skills aren’t really possible in daily life. I would have to be too concentrated and it would take too much time to accomplish the task.

Wish you a good day!



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