The dentist

Another moment of
standing up for myself. Always difficult. It was long ago, but yesterday I felt
a toothache, so today I called my dentist. I haven’t been there for long, so
she started off by saying that yearly going to the dentist is for preventing
such situations. As if I don’t know that. But going to the dentist is expensive
and I rather give my money to food than to an appointment by the dentist. I
knew this morning, when I felt pain again, that it was best to call the dentist,
because it isn’t a toothache that will pass by. Hoping for an appointment in
the near future, the dentist told me that she could give me an appointment this
afternoon, because of an annulation by someone else.
So I’m going to the
dentist today. I’m lucky because my co-workers allow me to have a half a day off
at work. I’m not looking forward to the appointment, I’m pretty scared for
getting comments about my teeth. I know I don’t brush them enough, but it’s
still hard when the dentist gives comments about it.
I need to go,
otherwise I miss the train to Leuven,


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