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Hello everybody,

How are you today? Here all is going relatively well. I promised to tell you what happened this month,  so here we go:

On my way back home from my day at work Tuesday 9 June, I wrenched my right ankle when I got off the bus. Some young men helped me getting up and I called my husband because going home independently wasn’t an option. It hurt too much to go home without help, I would have to go home by foot. That would have been impossible.

On Wednesday, I called my GP because I wanted to be sure whether nothing really serious happened to my foot. She wasn’t able to come over to my house because she was sitting in a wheelchair. I don’t know what happened to her, but I had to find another doctor in the neighborhood. The doctor could come over the same day, so a couple of hours later he had examined my foot. He prescribed me a brace for my ankle and to be sure he wanted me to go to the hospital to take some pictures, but he didn’t think it was broken.

I went to the hospital, needed to wait for quite a long time, because the prescription wasn’t valid. He forgot to put his stamp on the prescription, so his name and address weren’t there, and above all he hadn’t written my name and address on it too..

The radiologist came to tell me my ankle.was broken, so I was brought, in a wheelchair, to the emergency room. After telling my story again and a third time there the word ‘plaster’ fell.

I asked myself a couple of times in my past what I would do if something bad happened physical,  worse than falling on the floor and having a hole in my trousers.

I never found the answer, because I knew that plaster wasn’t possible for me. I can’t walk with two crutches. I’m glad the doctor at the emergency room followed in this opinion. No joking: I even wouldn’t be able to get to the toilet having my foot plastered. Again a prescription for an ankle brace, and some painkillers.

The next day, Thursday already, my dad drove me to the nearest orthopedic and that’s how it is today: resting a lot and if I’m going out I wear my ankle brace.

I have an appointment at the hospital on June 30, but the emergency doctor has written that I have to stay home untill the 28th on his certificate I had to give to my employer.  I will have to go to my GP for being legally absent at work. I hope I can take a bus independently by Friday,  otherwise I need to find a solution for all this.  I’m already thinking about it, consciously a 100 times and unconsciously a lot more… *sigh*

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Broken ankle - June 2015


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