Taking steps

Hi everyone,

There are some changes in my life. I stopped the help I got from a local organisation. They mostly helped me with my administration, because I need someone to give me a little push to start a task that can be procrastinated. I was getting irritated when she would come by. On the other hand last Thursday¬† was the first time I got help with cooking meals. I’ve mental difficulties because of my physical limits. I also grew up in a family where cooking was important. My mum and dad kept a restaurant until I was six. My mum teaches adults to cook as full time job nowadays. Everything goes easier and faster to her than it ever will be for me, and however I know it shouldn’t make me feel frustrated, but it does… Getting this help felt really, really good. That was weird. Feeling good about this is new to me. I still need to enjoy the feeling.

I also try to do some good things to myself. It is very difficult to dare to do this, because it feels as taking a big risk. I try to give my opinion more and more, I colored a coloring page again since a long time of not daring to. I also bought myself a bath chair, however I don’t get the payment back of an organisation that helps people with disabilities. They won’t help me with this because they find I’m too good to get financial help. They only help when they find you really need the aid tool. I know, I can shower without chair, but I’m exhausted when finished. I especially felt that the first time I used the chair, also this week. This also felt good and because of that weird.

Wish you all the best!