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Hi there, how are you doing? I am feeling a lot of tension. It’s good tension though. In about 6 hours my husband and I are driving of to Sweden for a fortnight. It will be the first long ride for a new car. Also for me it has been a long time I drove that far. I am very excited. We are hiring at cottage, so despite simply going to the buffet, we need to prepare our meals ourselves.

When we arrive in Sweden, my husband’s daughter and her boyfriend will normally be there already, so today we don’t need to prepare the food, they will. It gives me a lot of stress: the idea we need to prepare food. Not because I can’t cook or because my food isn’t tasty, but because I feel a lot of frustration in the process of preparing food. It always will be more difficult for me than for others. I am aware I am comparing and that’s not the best thing I can do, but let’s be honest. Preparing a meal is not that easy and quickly done for me. It’s not: ‘so let’s chop a cucumber and in 10 minutes we have a meal’. That’s what’s frustrating me. It takes a lot of energy from me energy, Energy I can’t use for something else. It is almost when I use my energy, I need to rest. That’s the consequence for using energy.  Not funny.

I’m hoping to have some time in Sweden to write, so I hope to see you soon. 

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