We moved to Aarschot

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The day we moved is already a month ago. A few weeks ago it was the first time I could stay home for a couple of hours, because there were no urgent tasks to be done wherefore I needed to go outside. It was the first time since our move I could calm down in my head. It felt good but calming down is not easy for me. Even when I can relax, my head is probably making lists of what I may not forget, or what still has to be done and putting priorities on it. I don’t know when it was the last time my head was really quiet. I don’t think it has ever happened.

Relaxing for me means two things: first of all, my body needs rest. Whatever my body does, it needs almost the same amount of rest to recuperate. This is something that’s pretty new to me. Until a couple of years ago, it was not necessary to think about putting extra time in time to rest. Well: no, that’s not entirely true. When I had done some heavy tasks, or when I walked 5 kilometres (or so), my body had to rest a bit more than other’s bodies should had to rest. But it wasn’t that much more time and because I went to school with healthy children and teenagers I hadn’t got much time to take time to rest. Everything went on their pace, I had to make I could follow the pace.

Secondly relaxing also means doing something whereof my brains are fully distracted. That’s not so simple, because when the activity isn’t distracting enough, I will be able to start and keep thinking whilst I simultaneously do the activity. It can happen with watching TV, but also doing some paperwork. With both activities I already had the experience that doing the activity isn’t enough to distract me enough. I will start thinking. I don’t have many activities where from I know they are powerful enough. One is playing games. I like playing games for that reason.

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