An old year – a new year

Hello everyone,

On the last day of this year I want you all to wish something for your own. I wish something for you and for myself. I won’t forget myself, even though it mostly means my friends and family won’t hear that much from me. As if they hear a lot from me when I’m not taking care of myself. Not…

It’s quite frustrating that I can’t find the balance between what’s good for me, and what needs to be done because it’s law or because I need a roof over my head etc.

I’m currently in a down mood, it’s sucks, because I realise I don’t have to go to work for another 3 days, and I have already had 9 days, but I don’t manage to enjoy it consciously.

I don’t really know what’s holding me back from enjoying it. And it’s not very handy that I’m pretty scared of discovering what’s inside me – my source, my soul, whatever you call it.

Have you already done that wish for yourself? It’s time because I’m wishing myself a year I can live and laugh with my husband and to spiritually grow some more so I can be my authentic me more en more.

A lot of kisses and greetings to you all,