A new start

Hi you all,

I’m having a pretty tough time at the moment. Tomorrow,  Monday, 29th June, it will be my first day back at work after I broke my ankle. At the same time it will be the first time the central services of the company I work for, are located at their new position. Yes, they are moving at this particular moment. Okay, a little bit more information:

Until January 2015, I worked 4 days per week for a local government here in Belgium, that gave social institutions the opportunity to use interpreters when their clients didn’t speak or understand Dutch.

Because of a new federal law a new agency was founded and a lot of local institutions were united from New Year’s Day. The new agency employs around 650 employees who all do a job in function of integration or habituation. The goal of this agency is to centralize a lot of tasks, so there are created some new central teams, like HR, financial services, logistics and so on.

I told the head of my service that I really would like to work in the central financial team, and because there were short of people who would like to do that, I was allowed to work 2 days/week in my ‘old’ function, and 2 days/week in my ‘new’ function. The new function holds new colleagues, a new workplace, new tasks… This structure held from January untill June.

This weekend the new central teams are moving to their new building and off the record I know I need to go to this new building Monday the 29th. In the structure counting up to the moment I broke my ankle, Monday was a day I had to do the tasks of my old function. I can interpret this as the board has decided to give me the function in the central financial team. Me happy but scared to have misinterpreted. Is it ‘Will I start tomorrow in my new function’ or is it ‘ I’m allowed to start in the new function’

It’s hard because I really have no further information about the conditions which come with the new function. Yes, I know, a lot of answers I will get tomorrow, or I will have the opportunity to ask for more information to my new team leader. Every minute I don’t know more, it feels really harsh, nevertheless I know I will probably have to wait a few days before the financial manager or the leader of the financial team will find an hour or so to sit together with me so I will get some more information.

I’m nervous. I’m glad I already know my new colleagues, but the adrenaline is pumping through my body.

Many greetings,


A new step

Hi everybody,

In a next blog I will explain all the things that happened the last few days, but I really want to shout out one thing right now: I have my own website on the world wide web ;-). You can find it at followmeinmyjourney.com. It still is very basic, but there will be changes soon, so come back and follow the development.

Have a nice day!!